We're proud of our Ambassadors!

We brew beers for many great places and the fantastic people that run them. We are proud of all of our partnerships and we serve a wide variety of establishments, from bottle shops, bars and restaurants to event locations. For each we are capable of tailoring our product and services. For some our core range products are the best choice, others go for our specials and one time collaboration brews. Others are in need of a kickass house beer and appropriate logistic services and staff training. Whatever the need, as long as tasty beer is involved we can do it!

So what have our partners to say about us? Unfortunately we cannot give all of them a voice  but below you will find a few testimonies. Please have a look.

Hotspot in Uithoorn


Gerrit is a new initiative which we fully support! It’s a great place for simple but tasty food and beers. Bar manager Louis de Goey and a devoted Pontus Lighthouse drinker is responsible for the exploitation of the place and creating the right atmosphere.

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This island has a rich history and the impressive fortress that serves as a museum not only offers its visitors thrilling stories but also the possibility to enjoy great food and lovely beers during fantastic culinary events or in their pavilion.


Beer Gem in Amsterdam Zuid


Tapzuid is an absolute beer gem in Amsterdam and a much appreciated partner of ours since their opening in 2015. We’ve provided them with many great beers but the one worth mentioning is their fantastic house beer, a Kölsch style beer brewed specifically for them.