Newest hotspot in Uithoorn


Gerrit is a new initiative which we fully support! It’s a great place for simple but tasty food and beers. Bar manager Louis de Goey and a devoted Pontus Lighthouse drinker is responsible for the exploitation of the place and creating the right atmosphere. He explains: “Gerrit is all about working with local products and enjoying them in a cosy living room setting.”

Besides a variety of interesting flavours Gerrit offers its visitors entertainment in a playing field setting for grown ups. Have fun playing a relaxing game of Petangue while sipping a heavy Pontus Barley Wine or draw the attention of the crowd by showing your skills during a heated match of table tennis or table soccer!

Pontus placed four taps in this new establishment and is well represented with beers like Gigantic Sailor, Lighthouse and Siren’s Song on draught. According to Louis, “Gerrit and Pontus are a perfect fit.” As he explains: “For Gerrit it’s important to work with local producers and serve guests honest and delicious products. Pontus Brewing, with its wide variety of high quality beers has everything we need to stay true to that idea. It is has a compelling story that not only grasps the beer drinkers here, but also the people that serve the drinks!”

The guests that visit Gerrit are extremely happy with the Pontus beers, especially the Gigantic Sailor Double IPA impresses people. Louis elaborates and says that “due to the wide range of beers and exciting flavours like that of the Gigantic Sailor people keep returning to try new beers. It’s fun to see how explorative people are when challenged right.”

Gerrit is a wonderful place for everybody to visit and we at Pontus Brewing recommend not only visiting it, but also keeping an eye on this fantastic playground since this young undertaking will be expanding its repertoire of entertainment in the future with an arthouse cinema and a range of vintage video games to play. How cool is that!  

Alfons Arienslaan 1
1422 BP Uithoorn

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