Many historical sites are to be found in Amsterdam and its surrounding area. One that we find particularly worth mentioning is the fortress island Pampus in the IJmeer.

This island has a rich history and the impressive fortress that serves as a museum not only offers its visitors thrilling stories but also the possibility to enjoy great food and lovely beers during fantastic culinary events or in their pavilion.

Pontus Brewing and Pampus developed a great partnership over the years. We participated in their successful Proef Pampus festival with a huge craft beer bar and we supply them with tasty Pontus brews and a unique Saison brewed solely for them.

We spoke to Bart Kuilman, co-owner of Pampus Events, the party responsible for organizing extraordinary experiences on the island like the season bound Winterlicht. When asked what his favourite Pontus beer is, the man that admits to holding a secret stash of Pontus Allmouth under a floorboard in a undisclosed location says: “Just like my favourite person or preferred colour, this changes or differs per day, depending on my mood or how many glasses I’ve already enjoyed. However, Pontus is up to the job when it comes to accommodating my capricious needs with a diverse selection.”

But, leaving his own preferences aside, Bart tells us he is extremely happy with the house beer we made for him. According to him “Nando, the founder of Pontus Brewing, is a spirited beer enthusiast capable of listening to our needs and brewing the perfect house beer: refreshing, thirst quenching and a tad quirky. Thanks to his advice we have a wonderful beer that invites the drinker to have a second or a third.”

All of the Pontus beers offered on the island can count on the approval of the visitors. “Of course the nautical theme of Pontus appeals to our visitors,” Bart says. “However a nice label is not enough. It is the quality of the beers and the tastes that compel our guests to have another.” He continues and says: “The house beer Nando makes for us is now an essential part of the hospitality experience that we offer to both visitors of our museum or during the pop-up events that we organize. On sunny days it rivals our sales of Pils.”

We at Pontus Brewing encourage every pirate wreaking havoc on the Dutch waters to set sail for this fantastic location. Everybody with an interest in good stories, fantastic people and delicious beer and food should visit this place or attend one of their events.

Pampus Paviljoen Winterlicht
Fort Pampus
1398 HX Muiden