Beer Gem in Amsterdam Zuid


Tapzuid is an absolute beer gem in Amsterdam and a much appreciated partner of ours since their opening in 2015. We’ve provided them with many great beers but the one worth mentioning is their fantastic house beer, a Kölsch style beer brewed specifically for them.

When asked why Tap Zuid chose to work with Pontus Pim Boas, bar manager and Pontus fan answered: “We see Pontus brewing as craft brewery who we want to be associated with. Not only is the beer great, but also the logistic service and support is something we appreciate. Pontus does the brewing, storage and delivery of our custom made product. The only thing we need to do is pour it for our guests.”

According to Pim people are frantic about the beer, which they at Tap Zuid appropriately labelled as Mokums Goud (Amsterdam Gold).  “Our visitors really enjoy the beer and keep coming back for more. We see a lot of Mokums Goud fans,” Pim says smiling.

He continues and points out that not only the guests enjoy the drink, also the staff loves working with the product. Visiting the brewery to see and hear how our product was made was educative and a great way to spent time together for the team. Now, when a thirsty beer drinker seeks advice at the bar, they suggest it as an easy to drink, but stimulating beer. It quenches the thirst and pleases the drinker with pleasant flavours and it’s a style you don’t see so often in the Netherlands. Pouring this beer shows that Tap Zuid cares about craft breweries and about the beers consumers drink.

We at Pontus recommend you visit this awesome place, and when you do, make sure to order a big glass of refreshing Mokums Goud!

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