Happy Customers!

With the COVID-19 virus crippling our economy we had to be inventive in our efforts to bring our tasty brews to all those thirsty flavour fanatics out there. Here you can read how we succeeded in that effort by successfully launching a fantastic looking and easy to use online shop. We have been working tiresomely to keep up with demand and since quality service, next to producing great flavours, is a core value of our company we decided it was time to investigate how satisfied people were with their purchase and use of the site.

To get the answers we needed we sent out a questionnaire containing eleven questions and loads of people voiced their opinion! The great number of people responding was a clear indication of how involved they were and that on its own was heart-warming to see. We asked them questions concerning the ordering and payment process on the site and we also checked how happy they were with the offered selection of beers and the delivery of the ordered products.

We are proud to say that of the all the replies no less than 96,7% said they were happy to extremely happy with the offered selection of beers on the website. Almost everybody (97,2% to be exact) experienced the ordering and payment process as smooth to extremely smooth. However the number which made us the proudest is the one relating to the question whether or not someone would recommend our online shop to a friend. No less than 99% answered yes!

The results of the survey made us happy and have shown us we are on the right way in bringing our beers to you at home, so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own houses. To continue to path taken we have now also opened a small shop in our taproom where people can drop by to purchase all of our tasty treats and take it with them immediately or place an order and get it delivered to their homes in just a couple of days.

If you feel curious about our shop after reading this, make sure to pay it a visit and click here.

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